Trendy yet timeless, the Brunel proves that durable forms and design-led aesthetics can go hand-in-hand

Discover the very best in hotel furniture design with the Brunel from YTM Hotels. As one of our more recent furniture families, the Brunel has already proven itself to be a desirable, durable and delightful addition to any hotel environment.

Marrying industrial flair with modern luxury, the Brunel has the flexibility to work alongside a wide range of styles and settings. This contemporary furniture family is quickly becoming a standout option in our collection of hotel furniture, so we think it deserves a bit of time under the spotlight. Let’s take a closer look at the Brunel family in action at the Mercure George Washington Hotel and Golf Course in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Who knows? It may even inspire you to bring some Brunel charm into your hotel project.

A closer inspection: tactile furniture made from robust materials

The Brunel furniture family brings together beauty and boldness, with a deceptively simple style. A modern blend of natural wood effects and metalwork elements work strikingly well together, particularly in a modern, open space. They create a contrast that allows the unit to stand out. This is made even more dynamic by the combination of soft wood tones and impactful black.

Contrast is something the Brunel does well. It offers a delicately sleek design which is also highly durable; an industrial style with a streamlined luxury feel, and a highly practical design which adds to – rather than takes away from – its aura of elegance. Together, these juxtapositions create a furniture design that is simple yet striking.

As with all of the product families within our collection, the YTM Hotels team is able to offer a bespoke service with the Brunel – taking its core features and adapting elements to suit the needs of specific clients. The Brunel’s combination of natural wood effects and metalwork can be restructured to create furniture of any purpose. This piece of open shelving gives an up close and personal view of the immaculate finish that can be achieved by this piece.

While the industrial look is often considered to be raw and uncompromising, the Brunel uses it to create a sleeker design that is compatible with more traditional or subdued surroundings. In the image above you can see how this bespoke creation offers not only hanging space but also a rather refined selection of drawers and shelves. The look is completed by the sleek desk area and wall-mounted TV on the wooden panel – an exciting and economical use of space. For those customers looking to marry function with a little extra touch of character, the Brunel is the perfect solution.

Although the Brunel is a range that can undoubtedly withstand the test of time – both in terms of design trends and practical durability – it also feels bang on-trend with what hotel guests are looking for today. Industrial design celebrates the framework of a piece, creating an overall feeling which is both cool and contemporary. It’s hard to overstate the importance of this, as figures from HospitalityNet reveal that millennials are the fastest growing group of hotel guests, and they want sleek, modern spaces.

Design director at YTM Hotels, Andy Davies, sheds some light on the thinking behind the Brunel, commenting:

“We wanted to create something that both reflected modern tastes and was built to last. The demand for industrial elements has grown rapidly in recent years but hotel rooms also need to be a clean and comfortable sanctuary. In the Brunel we have looked to showcase each material in true contemporary style but with a crisp finish.”

The Brunel in action: the George Washington Hotel and Golf Course

The Brunel has already taken centre stage at one of our recent projects: the Mercure George Washington Hotel and Golf Course. Located in Newcastle, the George Washington draws a range of guests each day, from business visitors to those travelling for leisure, thanks to its exceptional 6625-yard golf course and sublime Montana Spa. While functionality and durability was crucial to this busy hotel, finding a way to bring personality and creativity to the bedroom spaces was also important. It was for this reason that the Brunel was selected as the perfect fit.

The core elements of the Brunel are used throughout the hotel’s bedrooms to create new and exciting custom builds, such as this combined desk, shelving and storage unit. Against the colour scheme of neutral tones and bold greens, the wood tones and black metalwork on the Brunel are given a suitably dramatic backdrop.

Using the Brunel throughout the hotel’s bedrooms give the spaces a cohesive look and feel. This is emphasised by the Brunel’s overall style, which uses clean lines and open shelving to create an ambience of constant movement — giving the impression of one single piece of furniture that’s constantly shifting to suit the guest’s needs.

Large wardrobes offer plenty of practical storage space for guests, but the sleek shape of the Brunel range stops this item from feeling overbearing. While the form of the wardrobe is simple, the wood effects create warmth, interest and intrigue.

As one of the most popular and widely recognised hotel chains in the world, Mercure sets a standard for luxury and elegance which the Brunel embodies. The headboard is a particularly fine example of this with mounted black metallic bedside lampshades cleverly utilised to emphasise the Brunel’s design. Carefully selected soft furnishings are used to bring extra pops of colour to the bed area – each one complementing the textures of the metal and wood.

As the examples at the Mercure George Washington show, there is great reward in opting for bespoke designs that meet very specific needs. These all-in-one storage and utility units offer all the space a guest could need, but they are also suitably slim and compact. This helps to maximise floor space elsewhere in the room.

In the George Washington Hotel and Golf Course, the Brunel acts as the thread which holds together the space’s modern, relaxing and luxurious ambience.

Whatever your style, find it with YTM Hotels

The Brunel is just one example of the high-quality hotel furniture we design and manufacture here at YTM Hotels. Our mission is to provide innovative, inspired and design-led solutions to a wide variety of hotel projects, be it a small independent boutique hotel or a larger brand such as Ibis, Mercure and many more. Whether you are looking for a number of fresh pieces or a complete design overhaul, our team of skilled designers and craftsmen can assist you throughout your hotel project to achieve the results you deserve.

From our dedicated sales team to our turnkey approach, we are able to guide you through every step of your design project to help you select cabinet furniture, upholstery products and soft furnishings which meet your exact requirements. And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we have a comprehensive bespoke design service which allow you to tailor everything from the finish, colour or fabric of a piece to its height, shape and size.

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