Made in the UK: Why shop domestically for hotel furniture?

The very best hotel furniture doesn’t have to travel far…

There is often an emphasis placed on UK businesses buying British, and with good reason. After all, supporting brands that are located here on our shores can mean a valuable contribution to the British economy – helping to support employment, secure communities and build connections between brands.

However, hotel providers understandably have to deal with their own financial pressures and it is important to know that there are tangible, real and direct benefits to making a purchase with a British business like YTM Hotels.

Let’s take a closer look at what working with YTM Hotels could mean for you.

The campaign for shopping local

Kenwick Park Leisure Centre, furnished by YTM Hotels


For the environmentally conscious hotel provider, buying British represents a greener shopping process. Sustainability is a huge topic of interest in the retail market today, as up to 80% of millennials are more loyal to a brand if it makes them feel like they are contributing socially and environmentally. This is particularly important for the hospitality industry, where millennials now make up the largest percentage of guests. One study from Deloitte found that 95% of business travellers want the hotel industry to take initiatives to improve their sustainability, with a number of responders even stating that they would choose not to stay somewhere if it was not environmentally conscious.

How does this benefit you?

Being able to market yourself as an environmentally conscious hotel can be a big plus when it comes to drawing in guests, and sourcing furniture from local British brands is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Mercure – Cardiff, furnished by YTM Hotels


One of the other key benefits of working with the team here at YTM Hotels is the reduced shipping costs and fast turnaround on manufacture. Our customers often comment on the value of having a UK business that can send out samples and prototypes quickly and efficiently, as well as making necessary changes and alterations fast. In large refurbishment projects this can help to prevent delays. It also means there is always someone located in the UK who is ready to provide the support and advice you need. Our exceptional customer service means that each of our clients in assigned an account manager and a Head Office-based customer service representative, so you’ll always feel supported.

Local luxury from YTM Hotels

From conception to installation, we manage and control our entire development process for our products. This allows us to boost our local community with job opportunities and apprenticeships, as well as furthering our reputation as an environmentally conscious organisation.

YTM Hotel’s Head Office – Factory Floor: One of the Stages of Manufacture, Yorkshire


Since 1981, we’ve maintained our roots in Yorkshire, and this is where our Head Office, Design Studio, Showroom and Factory are all located to this day. Over almost 40 years, we have paved the way in our industry, growing as we develop new techniques, invest in new resources and welcome new team members. This drive and ambition has seen us furnish hotels across the country, yet the heart of our operations will always be in Yorkshire, and we will always be proud to be a leading UK brand.

Intercontinental Hotels — the O2, furnished by YTM Hotels


Make YTM Hotels your New Year’s Resolution, and discover the perfect contract furniture for your project. Why not get in touch today and let’s start a conversation. Call us on 01977 66 50 50 or leave an online enquiry here. You can also visit us in-person at our Yorkshire Head Office, where you’ll find our extensive Design Studio and Showroom.